Monday, January 14, 2019

Youth's Initiative: Sweepwalk, Keeping the City Clean

“It is for the cleanliness of our city.” A caption reads from one of the pictures posted in Mangkasanon Kami FB page about this "Sweepwalk".

Sweepwalkers in action
"Sweepwalkers in action"
This has prompted some concerned youths of La Carlota City, who recently took their precious time sometime in the first week of January 2019 to do some cleaning in some parts of the city, particularly the plaza, some parts of the city streets like San Agustin, Yunque, and the Agora or the public market.

One hundred ten young men and young women volunteered this Sweepwalk community project. Kudos to them. They have displayed their sincere concern about the environment especially the cleanliness of the surrounding. This is for the cleanliness of their city as pointed out.

This project is product of the honest concern of the 12 youths who are so conscious of the cleanliness within the city by proper way of disposing the garbage.

Sweepwalk Volunteers, Organizers and Sponsors
Sweepwalk Volunteers, Organizers and Sponsors

With this kind of laudable initiative of the youth, the following has supported this: Café Norma, Mr. and Mrs. Rico Albay, DHSBNHS-ABM Club, Mr. Marvin Elray Paclibar, Thea Lotayco, Mrs. Giselle Joy Valencia, Mr. Marc Andrew Manaay, Mr. Mark Threx Rojo, Mary Kris Teodorico and Engr. Bobb Michael Bokingo.

These youths have already started and the other youths will for sure follow them for this kind good example they have shown.

Some of those who volunteered are as follows: Erika Mae Albay, Tanya Giralao, Liane Joy Fernandez, Marvin Elray Rato Paclibar, Ryan Paul Delamar, Asher Zamudio Melarin, Heart Tanedo, Jellian Tortosa, Erna Nidal, Tim Alfonso. Amy Hope Deocades Arroyo, JohnRey Vituro Reyes, Rojean Ayco, Jean Krystel Jalandoni Giralao, Mark Threx Rojo and Marc Andrew A Mana-ay.

Image credits: Mangkasanon Kami

Source: Youth Volunteers Spearhead Sweepwalk by JohnRey Vituro Reyes, Mangkasanon Kami, Facebook

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