Sunday, February 24, 2019

Reorganization: 'Blessing in Keeping the Covenants'

The La Carlota First Branch Presidency of La Carlota District, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was reorganized today during the Branch Conference of the said branch presided by Bacolod Philippines Mission, President Sumagpao.

La Carlota Meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Keeping the Covenants

As a concluding speaker in the said conference, President Sumagpao counseled the new Branch Presidency so as with the members to keep the covenants they have made before the Lord when they became member of the Church.

He expressed that they should do something with their one-time love and care for there is blessing in keeping their covenants. In every covenant there is a blessing and the greatest blessing is eternal life.

President Santillan and President Baldonado
President Santillan and President Baldonado
La Carlota First Branch Reorganization

President Mario A. Malacaman of La Carlota District under the direction of President Sumagpao sustained Brother Benedicto N. Santillan as the new Branch President of La Carlota 1st Branch with his counselor, Brother Ric N. Baldonado after the release of President Jimboy D. Loreto as Branch President together with his two counselors: President Joel S. Vergara and President Pacifico B. Billones.

Brother Santillan is a member of the Church for 35 years for he was baptized on September 1984. And brother Baldonado is a member of the Church for 30 years since his baptism on October 1989.

President Loreto has been serving the Branch since September 4, 2011 when he was released.

Words of Gratefulness

Being emotional, President Loreto expressed his gratefulness in serving the Branch for 8 years. He was sustained as Branch President on September 4, 2011.

Spiritually concern of the well-being of the member, he exhorted the members to come to Christ and expect that trials may come along the way in serving the Lord. He concluded that the principles about the Gospel should be applied for they are important.

President Santillan took his turn too in expressing his gratefulness as being the new Branch President of La Carlota 1st. He said that in the Church there are many things to do especially in serving the Lord. But prayer and service could make things easier, he said.

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