Sunday, October 13, 2019

Happy Together at 68

What a surprise for my wife's and I's birthday!

The wife of our youngest son, Ma. Carissa is one of our thoughtful family members who had planned out for a surprised synchronous birthday celebration for my wife and me.

68th Birthday Greetings
Synchronous 68th Birthday
Inday Rose, the best friend of our 2nd daughter told me to wake up early in our natal day. I was flabbergasted why should I have to get up in bed early.

Actually a day before our birthday I had sent message to all our children that we wouldn't celebrate our birthday for I don't have a budget for it. But it turned out that it hadn't work.

The following day my family got thronged at our family service versavan. Everyone had their foods to bring. Only my wife and I brought nothing.

We're traveling going north for more then 2 hours.  I was thinking that we held the party at Mambucal Summer Resort for we're heading to the town of Murcia, but I was mistaken for we changed route and headed to Don Salvador Benedicto town with a hilly and circuitous road to tread.

This Is the Place

Balokon Spring Resort
Balokon Spring Resort

A serene, quite place we entered along the shoulder of zigzag road of purok Kulasi, Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB). There are two swimming pools, one for the adults and another for the kids. The pools are full of cool water coming from a mountain spring which the resort got her name, Balokon.

The surprise started to unfold when   everyone assembled together to Dakubo, a cottage for 20 persons. A short program was conducted by our youngest son, Gilbor Junior with Toto Bryan offered the prayer of thanksgiving.

Our children
Our children except Dondon, the eldest

Two boxes of cake were opened. One for my wife and another for myself with two-number candles, 6 and 8. Our youngest daughter, Geegee lighted the candles and my wife and I blew them together. Everybody sang the Happy Birthday song. At the closing of the song, my wife and I held our hands, looked at each other eyes, took a big hug and a sweet kiss.

My wife gave a short message on how happy and grateful she was for the thoughtfulness of her children, grandchildren, and in-laws. Now it's my turn to share my unforgettable life story which started from birth certificate to marriage certificate.


Surprise gift
Surprise gift

Our grandchildren and adopted children gave us a sachet of powder milk in a gift wrap.

Inday Rose gave me a pair of crocs slippers. Gingging gave a dress to her mother.

Inday Carissa and Toto Jun presented to us a gift wrapped huge box. My wife and I opened up to our surprise. It's a 2-burner gas stove. I became emotional for it's the kitchen handy friend my wife needs in replacement of old defective one.

An an, our 3rd daughter prepared for us a delicious cupcakes, puddings, other foods for our lunch. Dona, our eldest daughter prepared the marinated bangus and special, delicious buko salad.

Family Talent Show

Camporazo-Jaud family
Camporazo-Jaud family

The kids composed of Angel, Inday Sophie, and RR danced to the tune of "Kill This Love" by Black Pink with Rose, Gingging and Ryan as backup dancers, and also they sang "Nasa Puso" popularized by Janine Berdin.

The Camporazo-Jaud family composed of Bulaklak, Panie, Inday Sophie, An An and Tipoy performed a dance number to the tune of "Boom, Boom" by Momoland.

The Camporazo-Tolones family composed of Dona and Almon rendered a song, "That's What Friends Are For" popularized by Dionne Warwick.

While Toto Jun, Inday Carissa, Toto Bryan and Geegee, they danced to the tune of "Baby's Shark" by PinkFong.

Happy Time

Playing in the pool
Playing in the pool

After a hearty lunch the kids went to the pool to swim while some of the adults they took energy drinks and dance the popular Budot dance.

My wife joined the group having some games in the pool after lunch. I enjoyed watching them.

My wife and I were happy together as we celebrate our 68th day at Balokon Spring Resort as a surprise birthday treat of our children. What a memorable family party we have had. Not only two of us but everybody enjoyed the fun.

"Happy Birthday, Nanay and Tatay," everybody shouted with glee.
We went home past three in the afternoon.

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