Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Inexplicable Feelings to Serving Special Kids in Scouting

Nearly hundred boy and girl scouts of La Carlota SPED (Special Education) Integrated School had undergone two-day scouting activities.

Scout campfire
Scout Campfire
I was honored to be their trainer/discussant on the basic scouting movement in our country Philippines.  These scouts which are composed of hearing impaired, deaf and mute, fast learners come from grades 1 to 6 and high school level.

They had learned the value of their scout uniform and recited the scout oath and law, executed scout salute and scout handshake. They had composed their own patrol songs and yells.

Certificate of Recognition
Certificate of Recognition 

I was overwhelmed of the recognition given me by the school head, Gilda C. Lastimosa as well as with their boy scouts coordinator, Raymond V. Japitana and girl scouts coordinator, Sarah M. Armigos as their scouting discussant and resource person for their culminating scouting activities.

Culmination Day (Campfire rites)

Any scouting activities is not complete without the rain. Somewhere in the mountain the rain clouds were visibly forming. The cool land breeze was already soothing the very skin of the scouts.

Without waiting for the afternoon rain to fall, the various patrol like Maya, Ostrich, Kuring, Kabayo, Butterfly, Agila, Bangus, Tuloy started to form and assembled at their rallying point to kick off their torch parade.

Ode to the Fire
Ode to  the Fire. SWB Gil Camporazo conducting with
Sir Adolfo Española interpreting thru sign language..

All lighted torches were put off as I started to invoke the 4 basic elements for man's existence like air, water, soil and fire (which came) after shouting:


Fire from the North. It is awakened by us from his deep sleep because of the FRIENDSHIP that we show among ourselves as scouts and scouters of this humble  institution of SPED Integrated School.

Fire from the South. It is in himself to have his rest when he has moved by us because of the INTEREST that we have shown among us scouts to build a character which is exemplary especially before the eyes of our God.

Fire from the East. It is tapped by us from his long inactivity somewhere in the east because of the RESPECT that we give to our family and to the people in the community where we live in.

Fire from West. It is attracted by us to join here out of his busy moment because of the ENTHUSIASM that we keep upon ourselves to make us alive, happy and complete as we are to begin the Campfire's activities of songs and yells of the scouts of La Carlota City SPED Integrated School.

Now we have the virtual FIRE of Friendship, Interest, Respect, and Enthusiasm. And the physical fire which m is burning. While the fire keeps on burning the scouts were singing "Campfire's Burning".

The YARN or Scouter's Minute

I lectured on the importance of empty chair at the center of the campfire area. It is ritually referred to the great scout of all time especially the founder Lord Baden Powell.

This is the first time that I had conducted scouting activities  to these special boy and girl scouts who persons with disability. They're too enthusiastic and energetic. I enjoyed their camaraderie.  

They're indeed SPECIAL that needs to be cared of by a normal people and scouting is one of the best opportunities for them to be treated as a normal individual.

I am so grateful for the unconditional support of Mam Gilda C. Lastimosa, Head Teacher and a great salute to the cooperation of the SPED teachers like Reymond Japitana,  Sarah Armigos, Jocelyn Niere, Monica dela Cruz, Rovi Rodrigo, Adolfo Española, and Nilda cabrera.

And the wonderful students' parents for their all-support to the success of this SPED IS Scouting activities.

More power to all of you.

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