Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Guilt Feeling After Helping a Woman

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”(Acts 20:35, KJV) keeps reverberating in my conscious mind for I am a person who has the tendency to be helpful and generous. When I help or extend anything, I never expect something in return.  I don't understand this kind of feeling. It's however in one occasion my conscience won’t let me sleep soundly for the thing I have done to a poor woman. I feel like I am guilty because of her unexpected reaction.

The Poor and the Needy

I remember when I was a grader I happened to see a poor person who only lives by cutting hair. His clothes are worn out and he is too skinny. My mother was surprised to learn why I was worrying that something unusual happened to me while I was in school. I hugged my mother while crying and mumbling words that I really pitied that person.

I told her everything and she comforted me not to worry about that kind of person should be taken care by the government or by their own family and they won’t be allowed to wander in the street begging for money or for something to eat. “Someday when you will be successful, don’t forget to help those poor and the needy,” inspired my mother.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Discriminating Tastes: The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach, But…

I am a man who has discriminating tastes. I don’t usually eat foods that are offered to me unless they are familiar to me. I am not an adventurous eater. I don’t care to eat what others are eating, even if it looks tasty. When I attend parties, I eat little – just enough to fill my tummy.

What my late mother always prepared for us, we never rejected it. We ate to our heart’s desire. In short, my mother was a good cook in her simple and humble way. Since I was the youngest of her six children, I always longed to go home early when I was away. I wanted to eat what she had prepared or cooked for the day. My mother was a vegan. Every week, she cooked us veggies with the best ingredients she had.

Though she wanted us to eat fresh leafy vegetables, my mother taught us not to stuff ourselves with food during the nighttime. It was not good for the tummy to eat at night, for we may suffer from indigestion. I didn’t know then if she was right, for I never disobeyed her. Today we eat veggies at any time of the day, even nighttime, and nothing happens to our tummies.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Bougainvillea Amazing Flower's Message

When I opened my Tuetego account, a beautiful orange bougainvillea greeted me. I checked who is the poster of that amazing flowering plant. It's one of the images posted by RalRey, one of my followers in Tuetego site. An idea sparked  in me of what I should do of giving him back the favor and this post was realized.

RalRey is following me in Tuetego, the community for amateur writers and artists who publish their articles, photos and other works they want to share. He finds appropriate to post a bougainvillea in one of his posts recently and he tagged me to get connected with me. I do appreciate what RalRey has done. I consider it as a friendship in action, though it is done virtually.

RR, I may call him for short is a prayerful man, the way I describe him based on what he usually on what he submitted to the said site. He loves God above all as faithful servant. He seems to devote his time in serving the Lord. Tuetego, I believe, is one of this means whereby God has brought RR and me closer to each others.

Who is RalRey in real life?

RalRey in real life is Raul Reyes.  He lives in a small town called Río Caribe, in the state of Sucre, in Venezuela. He worked as an educator and cultural promoter for approximately thirty years and now he has retired. He's still quite active in arts and crafts. In the same way, as a man of God and a committed Christian. He dedicates himself in a regular and constant way to the study the Bible. He belongs to the team of teachers of the Sunday Bible teaching of the Congregation that he is attending.

Amazing Bougainvillea Flower

Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers. In our place, the Philippines, we call it bugambilia.

It is considered as the official flowers of Tagbilaran City, Philippines. In some countries like Guam, Taiwan, and Malaysia and some cities of California, like Camarillo, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente; cities in Guangdong, province of China, like Shenzhe, Huizhou, Zhuhai, and Jiangmen, and the cities of Okinawa, like Xiamen, Fujian, and Naha.

Other countries in the world call it in the different names like Napoleon, Papelillo, Primavera, Drillingsblume, Santa Rita, Veranera, among others.

This flowering plant has several bright colors. Its regular color is white. And other colors are pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, and yellow.

Flowers are created by God to let man know that He exists. He takes care of them for the man to appreciate His beautiful creation. They signify the great love of God for man.

Thus, bougainvillea for me is one of the many reasons why RR and me so concerned about ourselves as far as God's mind and mighty works are concerned to edify and strengthen our friendship.

Thank you, RR for the beautiful bougainvillea you posted and by mentioning my name. I do appreciate your friendship for that.

As this post above becomes an article in Tuetego, RR gives a comment:

"A Venezuelan poet and humorist named Aquiles Nazoa wrote a prose poem called "CREDO" which in one of his lines says: "I believe in friendship as the most beautiful invention of man". But you and I know from the Word of God that, although this poetic thought has its human value, the true and most frank teaching of friendship and models of friendship is contained in the Bible and that the best model of friendship is represented in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. His expression of appreciation and friendship towards me is reciprocal. Beautiful and significant article in honor of bougainvillea and friendship."

His fellow Tueteger reacted. RR replied in Spanish: "Ah, si. Gracias. Esta foto la publiqué motivado por una similar que publicó Gil," (Oh yeah. Thank you. I published this photo motivated by a similar one that Gil published,)

How thoughtful RR is! I do appreciate his friendship. I saw his comment in one of my posts here. I commented back.

 "Thanks friend. I am so delighted that you have followed my blog post. I know you are a good man and I do like your Tuetego posts too. You are a man of God, I presume. Nice meeting you friend. Let's keep this thing going. Hope our friendship would remain even though we are acquainted in virtually but yet it would last if we want to."

 "Of course, let's try to remain united in friendship and brotherhood, and if we can not see ourselves now on this transient earthly plane, we will see ourselves with the Lord in Heaven in the rapture. For me it is also a pleasure to be able to establish friendship in social networks and other Internet spaces with the people of God," he assured.

That is how optimistic RR is, about our virtual friendship.


n.b. - Some parts of this article is posted in Tuetego under #Explorer2017, my username.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Short Story: The Mystery Behind the Red Box

A certain hacienda or village was full of people for it was their annual fiesta. Don Lucero, the owner of the hacienda provided everything to make the occasion alive, enjoyable, and anything that the people living therein could be happy about. Don LUcero’s generosity, kindness, helpfulness made him the favorite of the people.

In the kitchen were Tonto, the chef and overseer of the hacienda, Magayon, the assistant cook and house helper. While they were preparation foods for the fiesta, they overheard voices from the Big House balcony as if there’s a quarrel ongoing .

They rushed outside and saw Don Lucero pointing his right hand to Berto, another cook assistant and a houseboy who was about to hit don Lucero. They couldn’t clearly hear what the two are arguing about. Suddenly, Berto pushed Don Lucero over the veranda. Don Lucero fell headlong and hit his head on the boulder and he died instantly.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

'Knowing the Truth in Part, Not Right'

It is good to know God's revelation for our lives. This is the focus of the recent faculty Inservice training meeting with the Church CES coordinator Sony Deyro with the Seminary and Institute of Religion teachers from Bago Stake and La Carlota District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

As the Bible says God reveals His secret to His prophets. Is their other possibilities that revelations may be made known to man?

Teaching Revelation for Our Lives

These volunteer teachers are to teach the principles and doctrines of the Church. In that day, they have learned that there are many instances or situations which God's revelations may be present or may be availed of.

Friday, September 14, 2018

WRITE Principle Makes Writing Job Easier

WRITE principle is my guidepost in writing which I adopt. I know everyone has their own way of expressing their thoughts in writing as there are types or classifications of writing. Essay writing has the rule to follow. Short story writing has different parts to consider. So as with other writing attempts.

In blogging, the style of writing is dependent on the experience of the owner/admin. He has the right to write anything according to his desire. But he wants it to compete with other blog sites which post a quality article and they earn much from the ads, he will be compelled to adopt that style too. Adsense is too strict in accepting would-be publisher if it doesn’t follow their rules. If the site is already Adsense enabled and has violated the conditions imposed, the site will suffer the consequence. It would be blocked and blacklisted. The appeal is slim to be considered by Adsense.

Anyway, that’s the reality. Well, for the sake making writing easy and ready to be submitted to the blog that pays the writer, allow me to suggest this to you. This is what I created and coined this acronym WRITE as a memory aid, easy to recall.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why Little Thing Means a Lot?

Small could be great. Is it possible? I would be sharing my personal experience here what I did which seemed to negligible but yet it had a great impact as far as service is concerned. I couldn't refuse or neglect of doing such deed.

In every little thing we do, something big is achieved. Something big is satisfied. Something big shared. This reminds of the of short and concise wise saying  of an ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. It says, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

I am correlating this to what I have done with the thought in mind that a small thing I have made that day is great enough for the one that I have helped. It's simple thing for I know it means nothing. I have never realized that something would happen inexplicably.  Something is awesome and something is worth remembering by. Good deeds are deserving. They are worth doing, expecting nothing in return.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Serendipity: The Good and the Bad of It

I have realized that friendship builds a strong feeling of belongingness in meeting by chance especially in social media and online writing. I have, however, regretted that I lost "Serendipity".

I remember I have just joined to a site with a good writing job opportunity and I have no one to cling into. I am completely stranger. Exploring the site is usual a newcomer will be doing. And that is what I am doing, browsing there, and there, and there. Until I am a bit familiar with the system.

Five members have popped along the way, giving me a strong feeling of belongingness. They make a friend request in which I never give a second thought for I am afraid I would be losing them and I have no one to be with in my writing odyssey to the said site.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What To Do When Life Becomes 'Dark and Dreary'?

[Disclaimer: This is more on the spiritual point of view. We may differ from our faith, belief and religion. Just let's respect each other. There's nothing to argue about. Just take this as an additional information of what you have had right now.]

You and I have the priorities in like like the mission,vision or ambition so to speak. These things may include family, love life, studies, business, among others.

There are times that we are indecisive of being confused and couldn’t make an appropriate decision on what to do, This is brought about by our life’s conflict. Is there a way for getting out of this mess in our life?

While I was sitting in the pews with my family, listening to our Church leader speaking before us in our Sacrament meeting, I heard him quoting a verse from the Bible (King James Version), telling us what we should do to relieve us from our challenges or trials of any form of our life.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Writing HIDE 'n SHOW Principles

I have been writing since 2011 in the Internet particularly in my several blog sites. It seems It is a good experience for me for hurdling the 7 years of online writing. Not only in my particular websites but also with the other sites which I am earning a penny. It doesn't matter if I receive less. What is important I have practiced and used my writing skill effectively.

With such long of writing experiences, I have made my own writing principle for reference or whatever purpose it may serve especially to the would-be or budding writers.

People don’t feel compel others to write for they don’t want to or there are factors that prevent them from doing so. People couldn’t start writing without an inspiration on what topic to write about. People are afraid to write for they would rather express themselves talking. People have to struggle much to express what they have in mind for they don’t the ability to do it.

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