Saturday, August 18, 2018

Why Monday Is for the Family?

I would say that a Monday evening for the family is the good opportunity for the whole family to communicate with everyone. The father, the mother, and the children would take their time to discuss matters pertaining to their well-being. And I would also say that this really helps a lot.

This particular Monday evening, we call it as the Family Home Evening (FHE) and this is not new. This has been introduced as a simple program for the family to strengthen its members in all aspect of their development from social, economic, educational, and spiritual. It won’t take a two or three hours. The father is the one presiding with the participation of every member who takes charge of the opening and closing prayer, leading the singing of the hymn, game playing, serving the snacks after the program.

The father gives the spiritual insights as supplemented by the wife in addressing the personal problems of the children from financial, educational, to love life. Before the program closes, everything is settled, agreed and in consensus. Everything is spiritually uplifted, inspired and full of God’s love and hopes to live as a family together forever.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

‘Happy Together’ Brightens Up My Life

I remember when I was one of the members of our own created musical group to join the band contest in our Cultural Competition in connection with our annual high school day. It was just a coincidence that I happened to join the group of Junior High School amateur musical band of 6 members. I handled the percussion, the tambourine. I was supposed to use the rhythm guitar., but I was late when we had our regular practice.

We performed three musical contest pieces: three popular songs such as”House of the Rising Sun” popularized by The Animals, “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye, and one instrumental number which I have forgotten the title. It was the first time in my life to be with that band. As a result, we got the second place in the said cultural contest.

My interest in singing, in playing the guitar gradually developed. I may not consider myself as a professional guitarist but at least I know how to strum a guitar. I know how to accompany a song. I know how to render an instrumental song of my favorite. I won’t forget the last song that we rendered would greatly influence my life of what I am having today. I couldn’t imagine with this song, “Happy Together”

Monday, July 23, 2018

Listening to Faith in Every Footstep Music

Recollecting our semi-annual conference of the Church for Saturday Session which had just been concluded after the Priesthood Leadership training and the Single-Adult and Mothers’ training/workshop  sometime in July 2016.

The district choir rendered their own version of “Faith in Every Footstep” which reminded me of the experiences encountered by the pioneer of the Church in the middle of 1830s. As I listened to the 45-member choir, I imagined how those early Church members sacrificed while migrating to the place called Salt Lake.

Likewise, I was contemplating on how the choir sang it according to their way of interpreting it. I was evaluating mentally the time and effort which their trainer, their chorister trained them. I could relate it perfectly for I had been training the choir in the late 80s. It was too difficult to train the participants for their respective voice parts like the bass and the tenor for the males, and the soprano and the alto for the females.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

After Retiring, Then What?

This is the ordinary question that keeps on haunting me while waiting for 100 days to retire from the government service. By October 2016, I would be completing my 25 years in the Department of Education as a classroom teacher, a head teacher, and a school principal.

I would be missing my previous teachers, my co-administrators and especially my 7 schools which 6 out of these schools, I had administered and supervised the teachers and had a communication with the stakeholders particularly the parents and the community elected officials who had worked for hand in hand with me for the good of the school and for the academic welfare of the pupils.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Have Found It!

An explanation why I used the username of Nakitakona when I joined the Blogbourne writing site. That is the English translation of my username for the information of everybody here. “Na Kita Ko Na” is our local dialect which is equivalent to the expression used by a Greek mathematician Archimedes who shouted in excitement after finding a solution to his experiment. He raised his voice by saying, “Eureka!” That means “I have found it!”

I have been using Nakitakona in every online writing sites to reflect for myself how thankful I am, how grateful I am for joining such sites which I could in any way earn a penny for that matter. It is an opportunity for me to put my writing skill in action. I could apply it by sharing what comes to my mind, what prompts me to write to benefit my readers, my followers in doing so.

Have you not noticed that 13 is appended at the last of the said username I have? Thirteen is my lucky number. I never believe that number is unlucky. I would eliminate that superstition that 13 is doomed to be unfortunate and whoever has it would have a bad luck. It is a big lie. It is rationally a big mistake. By carrying that number in my life has given a lot of blessings which I have received. Besides, 13 is my birthdate. Therefore, I would take care of it and be proud of it too.

Friday, July 20, 2018

I Write for It’s Right

I write for I know I have the right to do it. I know I have the inclination to do it. It is my right to use that particular skill I have had, which is writing.

I have been writing for 25 years in a formal means or medium of writing like the media and the social media as well in this modern time. I have a lot of ups and downs. It would be frustrating to write in the fourth estate of society which is the media. I started as a news stringer in our locality to a vigilant community newspaper. Until I was given a regular column to write upon.

My interest in writing started when I was a kid. During our time, the medium of instruction in our school was a local dialect or Ilonggo. My mother used to buy a Hiligaynon, an Ilonggo magazine which attracted me to scrutinize it, until I learned to read it. The short stories were interesting. The comic pages were also interesting. Since they were written in a series, I never missed following them up until to their conclusion or the ending of the stories.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

La Carlota Complete List of Winning Barangay Candidates and Their Proclamation

The small city of La Carlota in Negros Occidental conducted the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections peacefully Monday, May 14, 2018. There are 14 Barangay in the said city.

These winning 14 Punong Barangay and their respective 7 Kagawad would be formally proclaimed Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 4:00 p.m. at the La Carlota City Gym in a simple ceremony.

The La Carlota Comelec through its Election Officer IV, Atty. Revo E. Sorbito has officially issued the following list of these Winning Barangay candidates:

Monday, February 26, 2018

What Best Fitness Program for Senior Citizens?

(This is a repost of my article posted in Literacy Base site entitled "What Appropriate Fitness for a Senior Citizen?" written on April 20, 2017.)

Is there a best fitness program for senior citizen like me?

I have just retired from government service last October 2016. Now I am a “freeman”, meaning I have no routine job to do for I have satisfied my 25 years in service in the Department of Education. I had been to 6 elementary schools as a school head. I had handled various types of teachers as well as pupils, parents and other stakeholders of the school.

Now, all those things had made me of what I am now enjoying the fruits of my labors, the so-called retirement. Now, I am free. I don’t have an employer to serve anymore. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to Make Marriage Last Forever

(This is a repost of my article posted in Literacy Base site entitled "Making Marriage Last Forever" written on November 27, 2016.)

When we first exchanged our “I Dos” 44 years ago (1972), we kept in mind that our marriage would last till death. The officiating city judge told us that our vow was binding “till death do we part”. That’s it. We were 21 years old at that time and we were still studying in college.

The first year, the second year until the 7th year of our married life was full of challenges in various extent. We had even a time that we’d been separated for several months and later we were able to reconcile and started all over again. It was the greatest trial we ever had in our marital relationship.

At the 8th year of our marriage, everything had changed. We had found the secret of making our marriage stays as inspiring and loving all the time even as of this posting time. We had found the truth that marriage is ordained of God, that everyone of us has the spiritual responsibility for our children by letting them grow up according to the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Running Out of Ideas on What to Write? Here's How to Remedy It

(This is a repost of article I have written to myLot under the title, "How Not to Run Out of Topic for myLot?")

Writing is not for everyone. It's a skill which could be acquired by learning, by practicing it, by modeling but not all is going to be a writer.

Writing is an art. It takes varoius style or methods which the writer is comfortable with it. Here in myLot most of users aren't used to writing. They consider this site as another form of social media like Facebook in which in any manner it's not. They post trivial things which have less or no value at all and usually their posts are queries on personal in nature.

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