Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glimpse of Person's Alphabet Traits

Group of school heads
Group of school heads
I have come up with the concept of describing a person's traits. I know this kind of idea has already known to other writers or bloggers and they've posted this already in their site. But mine is a different version or shall I say different edition for the words I use may or may not be the same. In case, they are identical they are by coincidence.

Anyway take your time reading them and suit your own personality corresponding to the first letter of you name.

Alphabet A toF Personality

A is a person who has the authority. He commands and everyone obeys. His words and his statements are decrees, orders, and laws that need to be complied with.

B is a person who is always the boss. He represents his personnel to the management and he does it to their clients or customers. He is look up as the owner.

C is a classy type of a person. He is sociable, He is look up as a wealthy, rich member of a society. He is full of pride.

D is for person who is desirous and devoted to do everything for his family, for his people, and even for his own God. He wants to tell the world that an honest desire and a dedicated effort for everyone's welfare is another way of proving one's loyalty and faithfulness to God's covenant and commandments as a God's steward of His creation.

E is an executive type of a person. He could be depended upon by the higher echelon of the business with such academic, experience credentials to boost upon for his position.

F is a father-like person who gives counsels, advices, lecture to anybody whom he comes across or meets along the way. He has full of wisdom of God.

Alphabet G to L Personality

G is a person who values goodness as his virtue in life. God's goodness and mercy is his guiding principles in life.

H is a person who is holy. He despises any worldly things and crave for the holiness of the Lord.

I is for a person who is inquisitive. He has all the questions in life that need to be satisfied to answer so as to find solutions to the ills of the world.

J is a jolly person. He makes everyone looks happy. He gets rid of everyone's trouble by entertaining them of his practical pranks.

K is a fellow who has the knacks to relieve miserable lives of others by opening up an opportunity to have a better life in the near future. He has the special talent for this matter.

L is a person who is loving. He has always the time to be with his family. He expresses his love genuinely by appreciating what is good and best among the members of his family. His loving attitude is beyond compare.

Alphabet M to S Personality

M is a person who is easily to manage. He has the willingness to do things accordingly. He is teachable and full of enthusiasm.

N is a person who goes for novelty. He has the desire to look for something new, for a new adventure, for a new discovery.

O is for a person who is open to everyone. He is generous and he could be of help if you listen to his counsels and advices.

P is a fellow who keeps promises. He knows that a person that could be trusted is a person who meets his promises by keeping them so that those who are depending on him will not be frustrated.

Q is a person who is full of query. He lives with him all the questions in life. He is looking for a partner to answer all his queries.

R is reserved to a person who is resourceful. In time of distress or in difficult situation, he has the wit and the wisdom to find ways and means to resolve the situation. He could devise things to suit the needs of everybody. Beside he gets the guts to do it.

S is a fellow who is a sign-seeker. He won't believe you unless you give him the truth and evidence why it is so. He is so materialistic when it comes to his ambition in life.

Alphabet T to Z Personality

T is for a person who is tactful. He does things in a right time, in a right place and in a right situation. He has always the presence of mind.

U is a person who is unperturbed. He bothers not what is troubling him. Whatever distraction that surrounds him he could manage himself of doing his work. He is always mindful of his job.

V is for a person who is vulnerable. He could be easily affected by the comments or actuation of those around him. But he knows how to handle it. He has the resourcefulness to do it.

W is a fellow who is wary. He has in mind on what to do for being conscious and careful of every undertaking he does. He believes that always to be careful make him safe and unscathed.

X is a person who has an extra-perception. He can read your mind. He knows what is the future for the present. He is always optimistic. He leads everyone to hope for something good to come for he knows it.

Y is a fellow who is yielding to the promptings of the spirit. His conscience tells him of what to do, of what to follow and of what to avoid. He has the companionship of the holy spirit.

Z is a zealous person. He is full of zeal, interest, enthusiasm. He is very diligent in finishing his task assigned to him. He could be relied upon. He goes with extra-perceptive person.


  1. This is a very nice and challenging activity. :) My name starts with an M but I don't think it describes me. I think I'm an X but I also want to be an A and a C :)

    1. These are my perceptions on what my hunches have prompted me. They are not comprehensive. They may or may be a real reflection of a person who has that letter for his name.

  2. So A-F are the leaders and mover, G-L are the virtuous and positive people, M-S are those who are the one who seeks and absorbs knowledge and T=Z are the strong ones and work with vigor and energy because of their passion.

    1. Good insight for a summary Franc Ramon. :)

    2. It was a great Personality Alphabet you made. It reminds me of the enneagram but this one's a lot more comprehensive.

  3. Nice ABC of the personality you came up with, Sir Gil. My name starts with an M, too, and I'd say I'm easily manageable ... sometimes, LOL. But seriously, a person can be a lot of things, and therefore, can possess different personality traits. :)

  4. I think my personality doesn't fall in the first group of letters. It's more like a combination of the rest of the letters. Of course, every person is complex. The traits described above may describe a person's personality in general but it still won't describe him in full even if you use all the letters in the alphabet. :D

  5. I think I am a combination of Group 1 and 3 :) Your list may not be comprehensive but you listed the person's category per traits almost exactly :)

  6. maybe somewhat, up to a certain degree. maybe these descriptions need to be more specific and detailed to narrow each down. some seem to broad, similar to astrology.

  7. Oh my Alphabet-trait suits my personality as an inquisitive teacher who goes for novel ideas. This is worth sharing. Thanks for posting. :)

  8. Although there is no absolute way of telling a person's personality in relation to alphabet, I still had fun reading through your post to feed my curiosity.

  9. A fun read although like what Teresa says, there's no way of telling one's character through his/her initials.

  10. Trying to copy past the letter P but your blog won't let me. instead I can type only this. haha P a fellow who keep promises! Not all! Thanks for the Alphabet traits! <3

    1. Hi Patricia, you can put your link in your name by using the Name/URL are your Reply as. Putting a link a comment kinda makes look like spam. Just suggestion. ;)

    2. LOL, there are errors in my comment. That happens when I'm texting and commenting at the same time... Ha ha ha!

  11. wow. interesting compilation of personality from A-z. hehehe. My name starts with D and i think it fits me! good read.

  12. I'm now thinking if I do resemble an F but maybe not at this time yet.

  13. ayus to sir! hehehe... halos swak talaga sa personality ko hehehe this is a fun read!

  14. From the alphabet traits, I like Z - zealous person. It looks like there are more positive outcome with this kind of person.

  15. This is just fun and at the same time meaningful to read. I know I can derive so many meanings from this kind of alphabets.

  16. This alphabet traits maybe true to some or true to all depending on the person reading it. If the trait corresponding his/her name coincide with the characteristic... then it's his/her interpretation.

  17. had a great time reading people's different traits... mine, fit just fine. Yahweh bless.

  18. I think I'm way far with the character in my Initial...


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