Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Be Successful System Developer

More than a hundred students on programming undertaken by Sir Gilbor D. Camporazo of Technological Foundation Institute (TFI) had hurdled the defense on the system they developed as a partial requirement of their course completion on programming.

TFI Logo
TFI Logo
They're grouped according to their program system like student's enrollment profile, online store, grading system, among others. Every group was given an hour to deliberate on their feasibility proposal which includes the purpose and objectives, work flow chart, the Ghant Chart, the feasibility matrix, and the feedback from the end-users who tested the system.

The panel of interrogators  was composed of a private businessman, Zandiv Abonado; TFI instructor, Engr. Rea Mae Abriola Aguirre; representative from education, school principal Gil Camporazo (this blogger).  It was moderated by their instructor Sir Camporazo who interpolated on the technical aspect of the presentation and on the process of making the system functions.

Sir Camporazo, the younger described the educative defense as "a showcase of knowledge, skills, and attitude of TFI'ans in the field of System Development. An event to remember and learnings to live forever.

First Set of Panel of Interrogators
First Set of Panel of Interrogators

Attitude, Skill, Knowledge

In business, in education, in government, and in all aspect or field of work, a computer application or system to make job easy and faster is a must and it is on demand.

As Engineer Rea Mae A. Aguirre puts after she conducted a thorough investigation of the group project which was presented on a slide presentation, this system development defense is a showcase of skills and knowledge on the programming language as taught by a teacher or an instructor like Sir Gilbor Camporazo, Jr.

This blogger asked about the group not so much on the technicality of the system and how it is being operated and functioned as to its purpose and design, but the basic approaches on coming up with a good, effective, workable system project.

Second Set of Panel of Interrogators

Developer's Keywords

Fundamentally, these are the common action keywords used to define the purpose or goal like identify, plan and develop. Identification of the system is the first step to consider. Then  it is followed by the plan of action to carry out the project. And the last is the process, the equipment and materials needed for the development of the project as expected. All those things could be handled technically by the skills and knowledge the students learned and acquired on the course of the studies while they're still in school.

Aside from skills and knowledge, the primordial factor to spell out success is attitude. It is one hundred percent attitude of making things done as planned, as worked upon. I could say, therefore, that success is very subjective. It is not only dependent on the technical expertise learned and acquired by the student. Likewise it is not only dependent on the knowledge which every student came across, discussed, interpolated to add to their learning and experience. But it should be preceded by an attitude towards work, towards job, towards his fellow member of the group.

Therefore, it should be "ASK" which is referred to Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge. I even emphasize the importance of God in all their dealings. God is just around the corner watching, listening to every woes and worries. But it takes an individual to kneel down to pray. God makes sure that those who ASK shall be given. Those SEEK shall find. and those who KNOCK shall be opened.

Actual Defense and Discussion

On the second day, as the second set of panel of interrogators, we managed to handle the following groups with their respective system developed. The first set was Group 7, Online Store Management SystemIt was composed of Christian Ruselo B. Ledona, Kimberly S. Enofre, Lea C. Nono, Chosie G. Cauntoy, Donna C. Cauntoy, Charmaine S. Quitco, Aprilyn E. Sedayon, and Jennifer May A. Metro;

It was followed by Group 8 on Student Online Tutorial System. It was composed of Aldrin L. Canaya, Haryn Grace A. Campos, Irene P. Castillo, Paul E. Ferrer, Cherry Grace C. Palacios, Melissa M. Endresio, and Rovan C. Gicana.

Another was Group 9 on Student Information System. It was composed of Janice M. Jereza, Kristine Joy C. Garcia, Jove G. Halayran, Regina Mae P. Matta, Jonalyn D. Ambid, Ara Kikaela Kim B. Tasic, Ma. Victoria P. Solizar, Daneca S. Jamelano, Maybelyn S. Duarte, and  Kha Ren G. Laude;

It was followed by Group 10 on Enrollment System. It was composed of Nica T. Layoso, Shiela Grace S. Laus, Catherine P. Dinanoy, Shaira Jane R. Tan, Ferolyn S. Bullor, Kristine J. Perez, Kristine J. Sebonga, Scally Joy M. Elchico, and Charity A. Amarante.

And the last group was Group II on Grading System which is defended by Jessa C. Nolido, Christian M. Estilloso, Roland C. Geanga, Eleodoro III Valero, Jean March Gepanago, Rhea M. Navia, Danica K. Gamarcha, Kenneth dela Torre, Vivian P. Gicana, and Winky Panaguiton.

Good luck to all of you and congratulations to the TFI programming students who will be completing their course and be graduating this March.


  1. Not an easy feat but everyone has to start somewhere. Congratulations in advance :)

  2. The first problem to figure out is what sort of program you want to make. Then once you have that, then you can logically find the solution. Now whether or not you can defend it is another problem. I am glad to see more than a hundred of your students all passed.

  3. Good to hear that, expect that works can be more faster by all this systems upgrade and learning's you have acquired from the course. Congrats!

  4. Programming was not my strongest subject in uni but I definitely admire those who can do it with ease *thumbs up*

  5. Hope I could become a system developer...thanks for this.

  6. Wow, haha, I think I will leave it to the experts for doing what they are good at! I know I can do all the developing stuff if I put my heart to it, but I will get white hair faster than ever if I do so! #Horrified!

  7. Awesome! This is a good way to start and train our people how to become more skilled in their specialization!

  8. Programming is not for everyone ( and I have a lot of respect for those who do this ). More than knowledge and skills, I think it also requires a great deal of patience.

  9. I've never been interested in becoming a system developer. It's just not my cup of tea but I know a few people and even have a friend who is very much interested. I'll have to share this post with her. Thank you.

  10. Seems I am too old na for this but the info here will come in very helpful to my son. Gonna share this to him.

  11. Bloggers can extend his/her skills by learning to be system developer. Selecting the programs to study is very important in deciding which to study.

  12. I admire people who do things that usually take me so long to figure out, case in point: programming. It's not an easy feat so kudos! :)

  13. I am looking forward on this position, still learning some new web oriented program. Glad you shared this one.

  14. It's nice that you focused on the more practical side of the application. I'm sure this eased the technical aspect of the session a bit.

  15. I really admire the time and effort you dedicate to achieving a quality education for a better tomorrow, Sir. Your teaching methods are awesome and I am sure your students appreciate the lectures spent with you.

  16. These are very good points. They also sound like fundamentals tools for overall success in life.

  17. That’s really good! Trainings like these not only focus on the technical side of things, but also the basic, which is needed for good foundation.

  18. That's a long process for developing programs, but I think it is an effectove way of teaching. I think you're doing very well judging on the smiles of your students.

  19. Great way to teach and develop students! Way to go sir Gil! Kudos on your program! :-)


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